Frequently Asked Questions

What? Why? How?

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please have a look at the quick start guide of your ViFinger or simply write to us via our contact form.

What is the ViFinger?

The ViFinger finger vibrator is an absolute world novelty. Once put on and turned on, the ViFinger transmits its vibrations to the fingertip of the user. Your own finger becomes a sex toy!

How long is the warranty of the ViFinger?

Your ViFinger has a 2-year warranty starting from the date of purchase.

I have received a defective item. How can I claim my warranty?

If your ViFinger is found to be defective within the warranty period, it can be replaced subject to our warranty and returns policy. Please use our contact form for this purpose. You can find our full warranty terms and conditions under Warranty Information.

If I receive a replacement product, does the 2-year warranty apply?

The 2 year warranty is based on the date of the original purchase, it will not be reset if you receive a replacement product.

Do you offer repair service?

For hygienic reasons, we do not offer repair service. If you have a problem with your ViFinger, please contact us with the problem description so we can give you assistance here. If you have any questions about our warranty policy, you can find it in the warranty information.

Can I return the product?

If your ViFinger turns out to be defective within the warranty period, it can be returned and replaced under warranty. Please contact us via our contact form.

I lost my charging cable, can I buy a new one?

Our charging cable can be purchased on the accessories page.

I need a new finger attachment. Where can I buy it?

The appropriate finger attachment can be purchased on our accessories page.

Can I use the ViFinger during my period?

Yes, you can use the ViFinger during your period. The silicone of your ViFinger is absolutely skin-friendly. Massage and even more mastrubation can help you during your period to relieve discomfort such as cramps.

Can I use ViFinger in the shower or bathtub?

Yes, you can. The ViFinger with IPX7 is 100% waterproof.

What kind of lubricant is compatible with the ViFinger?

Water-based lubes are the best choice for your ViFinger. Since your ViFinger is made of medical grade silicone, silicone-based lubricants can damage it.

How do I know which size of finger attachment is right for me?

Your finger should fit loosely in the selected finger attachment and should never be too tight.

How do I switch on/off my ViFinger?

Press the switch on the device – located on the side of your palm – for about 2 seconds to turn the device on. The device will start in soft mode. The indicator light is on. To turn the device off again, press the switch again for about 2 seconds. The control lamp goes out again.

How can I set the different intensity levels?

After the device is in soft mode, you can increase the intensity by pressing the switch.

How long can I use the ViFinger?

You should not use your ViFinger for more than 15 minutes continuously.

Can I use the ViFinger with a piercing?

When using the ViFinger, jewelry & piercings should be removed as a precautionary measure.

Where are the LED lights on my ViFinger? What do they mean?

The LED lights are located next to the charging magnets on the top of your ViFinger.

They will flash during the charging process. After you turn on the device, the indicator light will be on continuously. As soon as the battery is low, your ViFinger will start flashing.

If you need more information about charging, please refer to your user manual again.

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